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    “Seriously, there’s an outrageous amout of running involved.”

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It’s Paul Smith - Summer 

    It’s Paul Smith - Summer 

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You see those people behind me? Those are my fans. They just found out I had freckles on my lips. I mean, if they didn’t want to kiss me before, they sure do now.

    You see those people behind me? Those are my fans. They just found out I had freckles on my lips. I mean, if they didn’t want to kiss me before, they sure do now.

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  6. I love that they’re so enthusiadtic about this and are getting everyone into it :) 

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    The last of the MAAN pictures I’ll be posting for now. But you have definitely seen the best of them now (first batch here, second batch here. my stage door pics here.). Before anyone asks, he is not putting on lipstick - he is putting a cigarette in his mouth. XD How anyone pulls off that much lace I will never know. But he does. Oh, does he ever.
    Again: [I know they’re going to get spread around, and you don’t need permission to use them for whatever - but puhlease just don’t remove the tag and then repost. Do me the favour of reblogging - and if you edit - credit.]

    #MAAN Memories - edition #872472284: Seeing up David Tennant’s skirt.

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  10. Catherine: ”The Ood are the servants of man. If you were each other’s servants what would you refuse to do for each other. Um, if I was your servant…”
    David: “Wow…”
    Catherine: “Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t do anything for you. I really wouldn’t.”
    David: ”Just on principle? Or just ‘cause you couldn’t be bothered?”
    Catherine: ”Well, where do you draw the line?”
    David: ”It’s impossible to know.”
    Catherine: ”How can you possibly say what—”
    David: ”Well, we’re differentiating between servant and slave. You could say the Ood are slaves, really. And slaves don’t have any choice, they’re not allowed to draw the line. Where servants, I suppose, are.”
    Catherine: ”Servants probably have a union.”
    David: ”Yeah, probably unionised in some way. There’s lots of things I could’t do, ‘cause there are huge gaps in my practical knowledge, so—”
    Catherine: ”But you’re assuming I’d be asking you to do something difficult.”
    David: “Well, like put a shelf up or something like that; I’d probably struggle a bit. I could maybe do a shelf. Tiling, I could’t do your tiling.”
    Catherine: “If we were each other’s servants, would it sort of cancel it all out? Because if I said, “make me a cup of tea” you’d go, “no, make me a cup of tea!” and I’d go, “no, you make me a cup of tea!”, “no, you make me a cup of tea!”“
    David: “You’re right, that is, that is, uh…”
    Catherine: ”It’s ridiculous!”
    David: ”There’s a word for that, isn’t it… it’s not dichotomy, that’s something else entirely. But something that cancels itself out.”
    Catherine: ”Is it negative equity?”
    David: ”Yeah, it’s a negative equity. That question is a negative equity, let’s have another one.”

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